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Many of us have had the experience of an awkward vacation with someone – 

a friend, a romantic partner, a colleague. But traveling with our close friends or family can also be an enriching experience. 

Life and memories are meant to be shared.

Girl Gang Jamaica Getaway '23

If golden sand between your toes is your style, then a visit to Jamaica is a must! So grab you Girl Gang and head off into one of the best adventures of your life: Set sail on a sunset cruise, try your skill at windsurfing, head out for a snorkeling adventure, party all day and night in the Xcelerate Party Zone or just do nothing at all but live, laugh, love all while enjoying the company of your girls on the soft, white sands of the Jamaican beach!


Jamaican Bae-Cation

Explore the World and Each Other!

This summer is all about Bae-cations, relaxing and lounging around with the one you love in a new country, Jamaica! It's a great place to spend a Bae-cation because of the chill island vibes, beautiful beaches, and Caribbean music and dining.


Colors of Provence an Epicurean Experience '24

We are delighted to announce the “Soulful Epicurean Experience.”  Join AmaWaterways aboard the award-winning AmaKristina in Arles as we sail through the South of France along the Rhône River to Lyon. Explore the cultural history of Marseille, delight in live performances on board and on shore and conclude your journey in Paris, where many Black artists, writers and entertainers made their mark. Enjoy a variety of experiences exclusive to this special itinerary, such as guided tours showcasing jazz, food and wine, all while shining a light on Black heritage. 

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Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus

Join us on a 10-day Holy Land Classic tour. The Bible will come alive as we worship while sailing across the Sea of Galilee, explore the traditional site of the Temptation of Jesus, visit the cave revered as Jesus’ birthplace and see the Church of the Nativity constructed over the site (Matthew 1:18-25) and SO MUCH MORE!


What our customers are saying

"Thank you! It was a wonderful experience traveling out of the country for first time . I know what to expect next time. I'm glad I got a chance to be with all my girls . Thank you again Ms Tonya ♥️"

Billa Joseph - Orlando, FL